My Experience

I’ve been practicing in healthcare for the past 16 years as an ICU nurse and acute care nurse practitioner since 2007. While working in a critical care setting in the hospital my focus was on the study of disease progression. I began to realize that the tools I had to help people become well were limited. So, in an effort to better serve my patients I began studying wellness.

I started to understand how nutrition, stress, exercise and healthy habits all play essential roles in the overall wellness of the human body and its potential for longevity. The body’s natural state is one of wellness, and with the right environment, it can heal itself. I have had success with hundreds of patients by putting together custom protocols that are focused on personalized nutrition, essential oils, stress reduction, and wellness habits.

How GI Mapping changed my business

The GI Map test has been a game-changer for my clients. Everyone’s body is vastly different and with this test, I can see exactly what is going on inside my client’s gut and how we can work to improve their body’s ability to thrive. Before I just felt like I was throwing a bunch of supplements and therapies at my clients just based on symptoms. By interpreting my patient’s GI MAP™ test results, and learning about their symptoms and health history, I can get a clear understanding of what challenges their dealing with and how to direct a protocol to make sure they get the results they are seeking.

In my entire career, I have never felt more empowered to help people become well. Instead of watching people fail in the ICU, I am helping people heal and live full and happy lives. The best part about what I do is that I am no longer offering a short term fix. Together with my clients we are able to get to the root cause of their issues instead of only addressing the symptoms.

Through GI Mapping, I am giving people the manual to their own bodies so that they can take care of them forever.  Giving the gift of wellness in this way is the ultimate formula for my satisfaction both as a practitioner and as an entrepreneur. The more sustainable my business is, the easier it is to continue helping people!


Mastering GI Mapping

By learning how to interpret the GI MAP™ test and by using our custom protocols, you’ll have the knowledge and resources to help your clients resolve chronic gut issues and improve their overall health.

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So many people suffer for years without solutions. The GI-MAP™ and our protocols give you the power to help your clients heal and change their lives forever.

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